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"I’m new to personal finances and investing - this is the first video that breaks it down for young Canadians. I found that super helpful and subscribed!"

- L. Ng

Hi there, I'm Bassem!

I've been helping Canadians reach their personal finance goals for over 10 years. Starting off as a Chartered Professional Accountant and working with clients in 2011, I quickly realized how little Canadians knew about personal finance, couple that with my never-ending searching for multiple sources of income, I found a niche: teaching Canadians how to take back control of their finances with the end goal of escaping the rat race of life to become debt-free and financially free.

In 2020, I started a Youtube channel in the hopes of helping Canadians understand how to invest and how to pick stocks. Two years into my Youtube career, I've realized there's something lacking in the viewership, I noticed I was getting the same questions over and over again. All the question and all the items the viewers needed help on was: basic Canadian finance. We aren't taught how to file taxes. We aren't taught how to invest. We aren't taught about personal debt and building personal credit. I've taken my training for granted, not only have I studied taxes and personal finance as part of my university degree, but I'm applying it everyday as part of my full-time job and as part of my daily life outside my work.